Our Stylists

Ashley McElveen, Salon Owner:

Ashley started 2017 on a great note. She became an owner of the best salon in Beaufort. She has continued to pour love into what Lime Lite is as a salon and especially the employees. She has loved the salon environment her whole life and is happy to have her foot print on this salon. While maintaining ownership in the salon, she maintains her other business, McElveen Bail Bonding. I assure you, we can say that Ashley wins the trophy when it comes to the busiest woman in Beaufort. When she gets to let her hair down, she enjoys being out on her boat and spending time with family and friends.

Jennifer Dowling, Master Stylist:

After receiving her cosmetology degree 13 years ago, Jenn, Beaufort born and raised, was trained in New York City, Miami, and worked in Atlanta. Jenn has been with Lime Lite since day one and loves working with her longtime customers as well as making new customers feel at home. Jenn has had lots of experience in cut, color, and hair straightening keratin treatments like the famous Brazilian Blowout offered by the Salon.

Rebecca Hallinan, Stylist:

Rebecca has been a stylist for 20 years. Her mission in life is to make the world a more beautiful place, one head of hair at a time.